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By Robert Velasco.

June 1, 2018 was the last time Slayer performed here in the state of Connecticut. The band is on their Farewell tour and they have an amazing line up of supporting artists.  They have Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth and the opening act is Testament.

Testament is a Bay area band that was formed in 1983. They have been tearing up the music industry for decades and have always stayed true to themselves and their fans. The members are: Gene Hoglan on drums, Steve Di Giorgio on bass, Alex Skolnick on guitar, Eric Peterson on guitar and front man Chuck Billy. Chuck Billy is also half Mexican (as well as Eric Peterson) and half Native American.

Up next was the Polish extreme metal band “Behemoth”. The band is from Gdansk and was formed in 1991, the band mates are – Adam Darski, Zbigniew Robert Prominski, Tomasz Wrobleski and Patryk Sztyber.

They are a very colorful band and their live performances are AMAZING. It’s a site to see, very dramatic and full of energy.

Then it was time for Anthrax to take the stage.  Anthrax was founded on July 18, 1981 by Scott Ian.  Some of the original members have come and gone.  Anthrax was one of the first metal bands to embrace Rap music and the culture.  We all know the songs, “I’m the man” and the collaboration with Public Enemy “Bring the noise”. I have to admit Anthax has always been one of my favorite bands.

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Anthrax is also one of the “Big 4” four of the most influential bands of metal music.  The other bands are Megadeath, Metallica and SLAYER.  Fans were hoping for one last Big 4 tour however, we don’t think that’s going to happen but, you never know.

The June 1st concert with Anthrax was killer. Charlie was top notch with the drums; Frank is also fun to watch on stage, Jon is amazing guitarist, Scott never disappoints, and Joey kept the crowd moshing.

As another band left the stage, the crowd gets more and more amped up. The lights go down once again and “Lamb of God” appears on stage and the crowd goes nuts.

They are an American band formed in 1994 in Richmond, Va.  The band are Chris Adler on drums, John Campbell on bass, Will Adler on guitar,  Mark Morton on guitar and the very charismatic front man Randy Blythe.

These bands are definitely at the top of the list of current, leading metal gods.

And now, the headliner SLAYER, it was bitter sweet for everyone.  The band never lets you down, always giving you your money’s worth.  No one leaves a show without feeling part of the family.  That’s what Slayer fans are, a family, so to see that the band is throwing in the towel is tuff to take.

It’s been thirty-four years and Slayer remains the founders of Punk-Thrash metal. They are a California band that brought a unique vibe and sound.

The show at Mohegan Sun was 100 percent magic.  There is nothing like seeing that big curtain hanging In front of the stage. They start to play that cool intro, and then you can kind of see the band walk on stage. Then you hear the high Hi-hat from the drummer – and the curtain comes DOWN.

The crowd loses its mind; the only thing that would make it better is, if Jeff was still here.  We lost Jeff back in 2013, he wasn’t replaced but, Gary Holt of Exodus was chosen to fill in.

The other original member that is missing is Dave Lombardo.  Dave was the youngest of the group when they started.  Dave is actually of Cuban decent, he was born in Havana in 1965. He left the band a few times and unfortunately didn’t make this final tour, but, Dave is playing with the Misfits.

Anyway, the band ripped through a songs list that covered their entire career.  Slayer is going out on top; the band looks great and is performing at peak levels.  Will this be the end? Well as a band yes but, Gary will be back with his own band and I’m sure the rest will still be doing something in the music biz.

So, we salute you, the men of SLAYER, thank you for all the great music and AWESOME memories.  Jeff Hanneman,  Dave Lombardo, Paul Bostaph, Kerry King and the one and only (Chilean born in Vina del Mar) Tomas Enrique Araya Diaz  – “You will be missed”.

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